All Weather Functional Nylon Harness for Shar Pei Breed

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  • Model: H6###1042 Pulling/Tracking Light Weight Nylon Dog Harness

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All Weather Extra Strong and Light Weight Nylon Harness for Shar Pei Breed

A strange peculiarity was noted about this harness: once a dog has it on, he starts behaving as if every eye was riveted on him!
- No wonder, for the equipment he gets is a great sample of a quality working gear:

  • extra light;
  • extra comfortable
  • extra reliable.

What more to ask for?! If doubted - read the information behind to make sure that there is much more youíll get with this working tool for Shar Pei!

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Quality Strong Nylong Harness for Shar Pei Breed

Great Nylon Harness for Pulling, Tracking and Walking!

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  • Quality Nylon Shar Pei Breed Harness for Prolonged ActivitiesComfortable Extra-Light Harness for Your Shar Pei!
  • Multipurpose Nylon Shar Pei Breed Harness for All WeathersMultipurpose Harness for Work in Different Surroundings


This Harness for Shar Pei is Distinguished for:

  • easy quick release buckle
  • be in control handle
  • wide straps
  • extra side rings for pulling
  • reflective trim (option)
  • adjustable in two points
  • water resistant
  • extra strong
  • extra light weight

The Harness was Designed to be Used for:

  • prolonged tracking
  • pulling
  • obedience/off leash training
  • walking
  • exercising

Sizes available:

  • extra-extra-small
  • extra-small
  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • extra large

Color available:

  • black

How to size your dog for this harness:


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    18-22 inches (46-57 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    20-23 inches (50-60 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    22-27 inches (55-68 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    27-35 inches (69-89 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    32-42 inches (80-109 cm)

Extra Large:

  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    34-47 inches (85-120 cm)

So, getting this equipment you'll receive:

Extremely strong harness for pulling work. As this harness is made of high quality nylon, youíll receive an equipment, durable to heavy loads. There are two side rings for pulling work, so this harness is a great tool for  sledging, building your dogís muscles or just having fun with your kids.

Light weight harness for prolonged tracking work. Due to itís extremely light weight and verified construction, this harness is a great tool for tracking work. The harness doesnít burden a dog, so he may work longer without feeling tired because of the equipment. Itís also very comfortable for a dog to stay in the harness as due to its verified design it doesnít restrict his movements.

Durable Harness for work in different surroundings. You may use this harness in all weathers without being afraid that itíll loose its qualities.  The material of this harness shows high level of resistance to mold, fungi, insects, animals, rot and many chemicals.

Handy tool easy to clean, get on and off. This harness saves your time as after initial adjustment you may put it on or take off using handy quick release buckle only. Several seconds - and your dog is ready for work, small effort - and the harness is dislodged. Special handle helps to resume control over the dog in several seconds. Nylon is a material that is very easy to clean as well.

Comfortable harness for different activities. The construction of this harness doesnít restrict movements and straps are wide enough not to cut into a dogís skin under pressure. So itís a great tool not only for tracking or pulling work - every walk is a joyful and comfortable excursion with this harness.

By the way if you need to walk with your dog in night hours, there is a great option  provided right for you! - Special reflective trim will make your dog visible at night thus making your walks safer and brighter.

(A price/quality combination you shouldnít resist the temptation to yield to!)

Estimate all the details to choose the most suitable harness for your dog &
Donít forget to take correct measurement of your Pei according to our instruction before ordering the harness!

Check how our products look on the dogs/ Pictures from Customers

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Shar Pei Breed Nylon Harness for Multipurpose Use

Gain Controll Over Your Dog in No Time with the Help of Special Be-in-Control Handle

Multipurpose Water Resistant Harness for Working Shar Pei Dogs

Strong D-ring for Leash Fixation and Additional D-rings for Pulling Work

Nylon Shar Pei Dog Harness of Thought Out Design for Pulling, Trackinbg and Walking

Functional Harness for Active Shar Pei!

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