Shar Pei Rubber Ball Toy for Safe & Easy Retrieve Training - Small


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  • Model: TT17#1042 Water training ball 5 cm

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Solid Rubber Shar Pei Ball for Having Fun Outside

Are you an owner of a very active and joyful Shar Pei puppy? Is he full of energy and you'd like to get him a great toy to play with? Provide him with this cool solid rubber training ball on a long nylon rope! Itís the best choice for Shar Pei puppies because itís small, comfortable to bite and absolutely safe. Besides, the ability of this ball to float in water allows you to play with your pet by the pool or on the seashore!

  • Rubber Shar Pei Ball Equipped with Nylon RopeShar Pei Training Ball On Long Rope
  • Water Floating Rubber Shar Pei Training BallRubber Shar Pei Training Ball Floated

Key features of this Dog Training Ball:

  • durable rubber (92%)
  • bright color
  • dotted surface
  • strong colorful nylon string
  • solid inside

Intended use of this Dog Training Ball:

  • playing in water
  • training in water


  • small - 2 inch (5 cm) in diameter
  • weight - 2,6 oz (75g.)
  • length of the string - 24 inch (60 cm)


  • rubber (92%)
  • nylon string

The main features which make this ball an awesome training gear are:

Usability. Use this training ball anyplace and anyway you like. This gear is a great retrieve item because you don't have to do much to throw it further than ever. The long rope will help you swing the ball in the air and make it fly far. Use the rope to play tug with your Shar Pei puppy to develop his bite skills. Playing in the water is very easy with this gear. Rubber, itís made of, makes it water floating, the ball will not sink. Take your activities to the seaside or have fun with your friends by the pool!

Materials. This training ball is fully made of special rubber, approved by the veterinarians for the production of high quality training equipment. It doesn't provoke allergy or skin irritation because it doesnít content hazardous chemical admixtures. Itís absolutely safe to play with this ball every day for long hours, thereís always time for fun!

Comfort. The dotted texture of this gear feels great to bite for a Shar Pei of any age and size. Besides, it gently cleans his teeth and provides a soft massage for the gums. See how easy and fun dental hygiene may be! Speaking of retrieve training, the rope does a great job, it helps your pet find the gear in the high grass with no effort.

Please, note! This training ball is not a chewing ball, chewing may greatly reduce its lifetime. Itís not advised to leave your Shar Pei playing with the ball unattended.

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Large - 2 3/4 inch (7 cm) Large Size Shar Pei Water Floating Rubber Ball

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