Portrait of a Shar Pei (by a Loving Owner)

Shar Pei is a very intelligent dog, that can guess our actions several steps forward. From the first days of being in a new home, even the smallest puppy will understand acceptable boundaries of his/her behavior.

The Shar Pei is very sensitive to humanís attention. When the indifference is felt he would certainly remain indifferent, but when the dog feels sincere love and affection, be sure that youíve managed to encounter one of the most devoted friends on the Earth!  A Shar Pei never tends to become a leader of the family, so he would favourably give his place even to the youngest representative of the humansí family.

The Shar Pei has a great ability to discern family friends and foes very soon, though he may be rather protective to all of them at first. Itís close to impossible to buy or entice a Shar Pei even by the most sophisticated food. - Only the word of a Master has a role for him. Tender and phlegmatic in usual conditions, the dog turns into a fearful defender in the case of a danger. Still, donít try to check his fighting abilities in specially created conditions Ė the Shar Pei wonít show his skills of a fighter for mere fun.

Shar Pei makes a great company both for children and for  elderly people, he is adoptable to various rhythms of life. A great citizen and country dog Ė he may be satisfied both with 15 minutes walk and with several hours trip. Still there is a thing that doesnít evoke enthusiasm of these beautiful clean dogs Ė itís a bad weather. In inclemencies these dogs try to choose clean paths not to get dirty.

Thus, you may not be afraid of the state of your furniture if decide to acquire a Shar Pei Ė his short sandy fur wonít dirty your carpets. Shar Pei is very often called a philosopher in a dogís skin. He is very sensitive and capable of feeling and sharing your moods. At the same time he is a loyal defender of your property and family. Still, there are several other features of Shar Peiís character a future owner needs to know...
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