The Revival of the Breed (American History of the Shar Pei)

In the early 70's Hon Kong breeders were seriously concerned with the possible extinction of the Shar Pei and put their efforts to find remaining representatives of the breed to revive the population. Among those enthusiasts were C.M. Chung, Shar Pei breeder, and Matgo Law who had recently become interested in the breed. To these gentlemen belong first efforts to revive and popularize the breed. Mr. Matgo Law called for protection of these rarest and beautiful dogs and started restoring the breed.
Deep in the country, in Thailand and Hong Kong, he found remaining dogs and founded his first kennel. In May 1971 Mr. Law read a magazine article stating that Shar Pei on the magazine photo was probably one of the last surviving dogs on the planet. This message prompted him to undertake urgent measures.

In 1973 he contributed to the same magazine a message calling American breeders for help. Mr. Law suggested specific plan for reviving the breed and as the result about two thousands of letters came with the request for buying Shar Pei puppies. The same year the first Chinese Shar Pei participated in a dog show.

In 1974 first Shar Pei litter was born outside China.
The first registered Shar Pei to cross the ocean was called Lucky. He was bought by German Smith and previously belonged to Mr. Chung.
In 1975 the breed was officially recognized by the United Club of Canine Lovers.
In 1976 the first accredited pedigree was edited and received by a stud dog imported from Matgo Law’s kennel three years earlier.

In 1978 once again the Shar Pei was registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the rarest dog breed in the world. This year the first specialized show of the Shar Pei was organized by CSPCA  (the American Club of Chineze Shar Pei). Chineze fighting dog acquires his official name – the Chineze Shar Pei. The same year the official standard is accepted.

In 1979 Shar Pei screens for the first time, which surely affects the popularity of the breed. The same year the first Shar Pei is imported from the USA to Germany. Those dogs are black male dog Bedlams Lower Boy and black bitch Bedlams Lowe Song. Than in 1980 other dogs from Matgo Law’s kennel and from the USA repeat the trip to Germany. The first Shar Pei litter in Germany appears in 1980.

In 1981 the first Shar Pei is imported from the USA to Great Britain. The name of the dog is Yeathstyle Dandelion. He is followed by the bitch from Hong Kong named Down Homes Junoeque. In 1982 they give birth to the first English litter of Shar Pei.

In 1986 1 year-old bitch named Fallohide Shanghaj Lily is brought to the territory of the former Soviet Union. She becomes a founder of the Shar Pei breed in Czechoslovakia.

By 1987 the Shar Pei looses its position of the rarest dog breed on the Planet completely. He gains reputation of the dog of the nineties and is cherished and loved by thousands of dog owners and dog breeders all over the world.

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